ViperWolf Player Feature List – HTML5 Customizable Player

Managing Videos have never been this easier.

Unified Administration Panel.

Let’s you manage various aspects of the ViperWolf player from one backend administration panel right from uploading, format conversion to organizing and managing. User-Friendly and Responsive

The Admin panel keeps tracks of all the videos you have uploaded on your site. So you can Preview / edit / delete videos with a click.

Upcoming features

Update Notifications

Stay informed.

We are working on a centralized Panel that notifies you of any updates in the player automatically Via. the Admin panel. Get notifications and enable new updates to your HTML5 player directly from the Admin panel (The Panel is Responsive in design – so you can control it even from your mobile).

Never miss out on a feature or a player update. ViperWolf is a continually evolving platform, as we roll out new features it shows up on your Unified Admin Panel (UAP). All you need to do to update to a newer version is “Click”. Simple.

In-built Video Converter.

Using a HTML5 Video Player requires you to upload the same video in 3 different formats (WebM, OGG, and HPV6) to run across various browsers as a few browsers support selected formats. A time consuming process which can be reduced by almost 40% – 50%.

With every Viper wolf player comes a HTML5 Video converter that enables you to create 3 different formats from the single video automatically.

Upload in one format. Get 3 formats.

Makes your video hosting experience a breeze, automates the process of creating 3 individual formats of the same video. Just upload in any format* and the Application encodes the video into WebM, OGG, HPV6. Adding the converted video into your site can be done through the Administrator panel. You won’t have much to do. Really.

*Current Formats supported: FLV, WMV, Mp4, and AVI. We are working to include other formats like MKV, Real Media, QuickTime, ASF, DIVX, and more in the next release.

Upcoming features

We are currently working on a Windows & MAC Video Converter desktop Utility (This desktop converter converts and directly uploads your videos to your server automatically)

We are working on a customized hosted video solution, securely deployed on our Powerful Cloud environment. Exclusive plans coming up.

Monetize Your Video

Earn revenue from your videos with Viper Wolf’s stream able video ads support from world’s biggest advertisers and platforms. ViperWolf Boom supports Pre-roll and Post-roll Advertisements with support to image Ads (All controlled directly from the built in admin panel).

Upcoming Features

In the next update a whole new set of features and ad networks are being added.

It starts from Supporting Advertisement networks like Google Adsense, Videopia, Brightroll, Videoengg, and Yume to name a few. Custom Ads can be run by just entering text to appear in the Admin panel. We are adding more networks as you are reading this. Our experts are also including support for VAST in the player.

What is VAST?

Video Ad Serving Template (“VAST”) includes a standard XML-based ad response for in-stream video as well as an XML Schema Definition (“XSD”) for developers. It is meant to accommodate the majority of current practices within the online digital video advertising business. VAST is designed for any on-demand video player where the ad response is parsed prior to play. For example, use of this standard would be appropriate within an Adobe Flash player and HTML5 player if the ad response was requested and parsed in ActionScript but would not be appropriate if contained directly within a SMIL playlist directly sent to the player. It may be possible to use this XML format for applications other than on-demand viewing such as live video streaming, downloadable video players, set-top boxes, etc, but those applications are explicitly beyond the scope of the current effort. The goal of this specification is to be compatible with any video player framework that has the ability to be scriptable. It will be up to each Secondary Ad Server to develop its own implementation of the standard and it will be up to each publisher or vendor to implement the standard in their Primary Ad Server and their Video Players.

If the above paragraph seemed to technical – Just skip it. In short VAST is a template if included into your player, you will get access to almost all the video Ad networks via. it. Advertisements will start appearing on your player so you can monetize it.


Dress up your player !

Customize ViperWolf to suit you website’s theme colors. Let it blend in.

Yes the player by default comes with 5 built in skins. You can select a skin from the Admin panel. We keep continually creating beautiful skins and packaging it – which will appear as a notification in your Admin panel too.

Failsafe Flash Support.

For the Primitive ones.

Not everyone updates their browser or feels HTML5 isn’t their piece of cake. But we can’t afford to leave them behind can we? In an event where HTML5 video isn’t supported by a browser a FLASH version of the player kicks in to Save the Day.

Subtitle Support.

ViperWolf player has a comprehensive Subtitle support which works elegantly with the existing .srt file format. All which can be managed through the Unified Administrator Panel.

Social Media Integrated.

Care to Share?

Social Media has become an inevitable part of our life these days. And is one of the cardinal features of ViperWolf player. Every video uploaded through ViperWolf sports social media components like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. Share it with your friends, family and to the world.

We have also taken care to position the social media elements in such a manner, a user viewing your video will be tempted to share it – thus making it Viral!

Cross Browser.

Works like a Charm

Fully optimized for all browsers and mobile devices; using progressive enhancements with graceful fall-back. It’s pixel perfect!

Search Engine Optimized.

Be seen everywhere.

Making use of the newest W3C standards, HTML5 structure and content-specific tags, we offer not only top accessibility but also natural SEO-oriented enhancements.

Free Updates.

Why pay for updates when you can get it for free. Free updates are provided to the concurrent version of the player. This can be updated via the Admin Panel.

Upcoming Features.

  • Streamlined Administration panel to make it even simpler to use.
  • More Advertisement networks support.
  • Uploading support for various formats like MKV, Real Media, QuickTime, ASF, DIVX.
  • Windows & MAC Video Converter desktop Utility.
  • Increase Video loading speed.
  • i18n support for international languages.
  • More themes in the next release.

What People Are Saying About Viperwolf Player

Tried many HTML5 Video Players. None of them have solved my issues with HTML5 Video as Viperwolf has done it. These guys have come up with something really Fantastic!
– Danny Edward

Guess you should try this HTML5 Video Player to actually experience the ease it provides for Video & Audio management. Its been a WOW experience since I started using this player.
– Lettice Allison

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